Over the last year, as I’ve handed our little blue bottle to many people out there, I often see ‘it’ in people’s faces.

“What?!? An Anti-Hangover Drink? Yeah, right.”

I can tell that this is what so many people, even close friends, are thinking.

One of our biggest challenges is the simple disbelief that anything can help stave off the effects of a hangover. But there is a growing community that knows what’s up. You’re part of that. We’ve experienced it, and article after article comes out explaining how RESQWATER can help us all be ready for tomorrow when it’s on tonight!

quotes from media about Resqwater anti-hangover drink

The experts weigh in…

Educating people about an anti-hangover drink is a big mountain to climb, but the team at RESQWATER is climbing it, step-by-step. Because we’ve witnessed it. We’ve seen the change in people’s experience when they drink a RESQWATER after every few drinks and one before bed — there is no doubt that they can better take on and enjoy the day ahead!

It has been so rewarding to watch it happen… I’ve traveled all over the USA with our little blue bottle in my pocket, witnessing what has become our ‘Ready for Tomorrow’ revolution of sorts. From the most remote backcountry skiing lodges to the most exclusive clubs in Vegas, I’ve watched people go from skeptics to fans after truly experiencing what it’s like to have a great day — after a great night.

So we had to make this video to communicate in a very simple fashion the fact that you don’t have to suffer. You don’t have to struggle. You can be ready for tomorrow, be productive, active and simply not feel lousy after a night of celebrating!

It would mean a lot if you would share this with your friends… Thanks so much for all your support!

Troy Michels
Co-Founder and CEO

From the video:

You work hard and you play harder. The price in the morning? The dreaded hangover. Struggling through the next day with brute force.

But what if you didn’t have to struggle?

You don’t, because RESQWATER anti-hangover drink returns you to center. Natural and hydrating, RESQWATER fortifies against a hangover, so you can enjoy the day ahead.
Welcome to a life well played. What to drink when you drink.

Try some now!