RESQWATER Certifications

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RESQWATER is Certified Kosher, Gluten Free and Vegan. The corresponding certification symbols are labeled on each bottle. More than simply just symbols on packaging, these labels verify that RESQWATER has been processed according to kosher standards and that there are no traces of gluten, animal products or animal byproducts in any part of the production process, from ingredient sourcing to transportation of the final product.

Let these certifications provide assurance of the high-quality standards of RESQWATER. Our enhanced recovery drink is made from premium ingredients and provides nutritional support that may aid in detox, recovery and performance to help protect, cleanse, replenish and support your body during and after both exercise and celebration.

What do each of these certification symbols look like and what do they really mean? Click each logo to learn more.

K-ParveCertified Kosher: A kosher certification verifies that the ingredients and the entire production process (including packaging techniques, cleaning measures, storage, and more) of a product complies with Jewish kosher dietary and food laws.

Certified Gluten-FreeCertified Gluten-Free: The Gluten-Free Certification Organization (GFCO) certified producers of gluten-free products through quality assessment and control measures throughout production. This certification assures consumers their product is free of gluten helping those with gluten-related disorders live healthy lives.

Certified VeganCertified Vegan: Products with the Certified Vegan food certification label: contain no animal products or byproducts, are not tested on animals, contain no animal GMOs, and provide verification that animal products were not used in manufacturing. In addition, all surfaces used in production must be sanitized as accepted and approved by the Vegan Awareness Foundation.



what the people have to say

Whether it’s for working out, leisure or recovery, RESQWATER is my go-to drink for my busy life. 

Shane S.

I like the taste of it and it helps with recovery

Matt Skura, Center for the Baltimore Ravens

I think it saved me at my brother’s wedding” (and) “I’ve tried a few after hard workouts and I wasn’t sore the next day. 

Ryan T.

As a leader in Sport Performance Training, we at XPE Sports are constantly working to provide our athletes with an edge.  We have utilized RESQWATER with our athletes when they may need additional boost of energy or assist in the recovery process.  

Bill W. XPE Sports

“Seemed like it worked well as a pre-hydrator or post hydrator for short workouts”

Jake B.

Your product allows us to keep hydrated whether we are in the tropics, a long weekend wine tasting or out playing golf.  We always take a few bottles with us even when we are traveling on business trips… 

Sherry D.