Certified Vegan Recovery Drink

Veganism, an extension of vegetarianism, is a lifestyle free of animal fats and proteins. Vegans have a plant-based diet and avoid products like leather, fur and wool.

Certified VeganRESQWATER is one of approximately 900 companies that manufacture vegan-approved products as certified by the Vegan Awareness Foundation. The Certified Vegan logo on a product verifies that it does not contain animal products or byproducts, that it has not been tested on animals, and that it contains no animal GMOs. Additionally, this symbol provides verification that animal products were not used in manufacturing and that all surfaces used in production are sanitized as accepted and approved by the Vegan Action.

For vegan certification, a product must not contain animal product ingredients such as meat, fowl, fish, eggs, milk or honey, or any of their byproducts, including those from insects. Products that are certified Vegan such as RESQWATER are not filtered or clarified with animal products. Vegan drinks must be free of gelatin (derived from animal byproducts) and cochineal (food coloring derived from insects).

RESQWATER Proactive Recovery and New RESQWATER Sugar Free are for both vegan athletes and those looking for antioxidant support during and after celebration, made from premium ingredients that help replenish nutrients and flush toxins.  The natural and organic ingredients in RESQWATER are 100% vegan approved. The premium ingredients in RESQWATER include: B vitamins, water, organic prickly pear extract, milk thistle, organic cane sugar (found in our regular RESQWATER formula), electrolytes, and the amino acid, NAC, which all work together to help replenish, recover, support and create balance during and after exercising and celebrating.  

How can you be sure that what you are drinking is vegan?  Look for the Certified Vegan symbol as printed on every RESQWATER bottle.