Muscle Recovery After a Workout

Working out at any level can stress your muscles causing microscopic damage that needs healing. It takes time for your body to adjust to the strain that has been put on it. The process of stress and recovery improves health and fitness, which is the reason to exercise in the first place. But workout recovery is more than just eating a protein bar and having a few minutes of downtime after exercise. It can involve a number of different strategies based on different factors.

Because not every muscle recovers the same, there are several recovery strategies to consider post workout. Factors like fitness level, activity, age, non-fitness-related stressors and schedule all play a role in how fast and easily you recover.

RESQWATER Exercise Recovery

Passive Recovery: Kick up your feet, give your body a complete rest and consume chilled RESQWATER, a premium post-workout drink that helps aid in muscle recovery.

Active Recovery: Perform low-intensity movement like walking or lifting light weights to promote blood flow and tissue repair. Enjoy chilled RESQWATER, one of the best post-workout recovery drinks!

Cross-training: Repair certain muscle groups while working others out (i.e. leg day vs. back day). Enjoy a chilled RESQWATER during and after cross-training to help replenish nutrients and flush toxins.

Myofascial Release: Use a foam roller immediately after a workout to potentially delay the onset of muscle soreness and speed up muscle recovery. This is also known as soft tissue therapy.

Nutritional Recovery: Replace calories, fluids, carbs, protein and sodium in your nutrition recovery plan. It’s necessary to replenish fluids, depleted blood sugar, electrolytes and muscle glycogen stores with proper nutrition.

Sleep: Get seven or more hours of sleep each night to optimize muscle recovery.

Drinking RESQWATER along with any or some of these workout recovery strategies can aid in muscle recovery, allowing you to improve your health and have a better workout next time.

RESQWATER helps replenish nutrients and flush toxins after working out. The premium ingredients include L-Cysteine, Milk Thistle, Prickly Pear extract, water, B vitamins, vitamin C and electrolytes, and help make RESQWATER one of the best post workout drinks available!

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