No surprise, but readers of US Weekly are onto the RESQWATER secret. After all, nobody needs to be ready to stay up late and still be productive more than the celebrities and globe-trotters who grace the pages of US Weekly. The March 2 edition of the magazine, which hits national newsstands today, gives a little shout-out […]

Our friends at Harper’s were kind enough to feature RESQWATER in a recent feature of tips on exercising with a hangover. Of course, as RESQWATER fans know, the point is to be ready for the morning and exercise without a hangover in the first place. But thanks to Harper’s for including us!  

Las Vegas feels like home away from home for us here at RESQWATER so when the crew at Vegas Seven Magazine featured RESQWATER in their online fashion feature as part of their 2014 Summer Guide, we were flattered.

One of the best things about hosting a party like the RESQHOUSE at Coachella is that you never know who will drop by, athletes, musicians, media and any other variety of people who like to celebrate without the hangover.

The folks at are experts on all things “guy”. When it comes to sports, girls, gadgets, grub and often, partying, Gunaxin is the place for the 411.

Compressor knows better than anyone that the day after Super Bowl is “National Hangover Day,” but this year they were determined to overcome that holiday and get themselves  RESQWATER! 

FactoryTwoFour doesn’t miss a beat when it comes to food, style, travel, and  drinks, which is exactly why they took a night out to enjoy a RESQWATER and  put it to the test.

The rumors are true! BevNET recently caught up with Northeast Beverage Corp to learn about the east  coast expansion of RESQWATER!