RESQWATER anti-hangover drink in bucket of ice

RESQWATER on ice is always the right call.

First, there are no sure-fire hangover cures.

Any product that claims it is a hangover cure is not being honest with you. If you drink far too much alcohol, nothing will cure or stop all hangover symptoms.

You cannot cut off your arm and use a band-aid to save the day.

What you can do is drink in moderation, and drink RESQWATER to help you wake up ready for tomorrow.

How should I drink RESQWATER?

We recommend that you enjoy RESQWATER during and after a night of drinking. We think it tastes best chilled. You can drink it over ice. Whatever you like. You’ve got options.

The amount you drink varies based on your body weight, the amount of alcohol that you consume, your personal tolerance level, and other variables. But as a rule of thumb, we drink one bottle of RESQWATER for every happy hour level of drinks we have (roughly 2-4 drinks).

What are the causes of hangovers?

Read our Hangover FAQ page here.

Where do I find RESQWATER?

Buy it online here.
Find a RESQWATER retailer near you here.

Is there any research into this topic?

You bet there is! Here are some articles about hangover causes, and some of the ingredients in RESQWATER that can help alleviate hangover symptoms.

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