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RESQWATER is an anti-hangover drink that contains Natural and Organic ingredients, No Stimulants and is certified Kosher, Gluten Free and Vegan.

RESQWATER is what to drink when you drink, to help you be ready for tomorrow! Enjoy a bottle with every few drinks and another before bed to ease the day ahead. This helps support your body in protecting itself from the effects of acetaldehyde, the compound that makes you feel lousy after drinking.


How much RESQWATER should I drink?

Everyone is different. It’s really up to you. We tend to drink one 8oz bottle of RESQWATER with every happy hour level of drinks (roughly a few drinks) and another before bed.



When should I drink RESQWATER?

Enjoy a RESQWATER with every few drinks and always have another before bed, to ease the day ahead.



Does RESQWATER contain caffeine or stimulants?

No. WE ARE NOT AN ENERGY DRINK. We are an anti-hangover drink that’s all about helping you be ready for tomorrow after a night of celebrating.


When to drink RESQWATER.

Our Story


The Winter X Games is the center of the the action-sports universe, and it’s long-time host city, Aspen, is a second-home of sorts for many of us here at RESQWATER. So with one of our favorite events going down in a beloved town last week, we jumped at the opportunity to rent a house in the heart of Aspen, which […]

Medicus Research has just completed an extensive study that confirms that RESQWATER can help with improved sleep, reduced hangover symptoms and better attention and focus the morning after.