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Our Beliefs

We believe in exercise and celebration, and we believe that neither have to be followed by a day of pain and misery.

RESQWATER’s roots are in art and sport, cultures that believe in celebration but demand creativity and performance.  These are communities where the currency is the quality of your lifestyle, not the size of your bank account.  Like everyone, we want a better life – a fuller and more productive one…

That’s why we created RESQWATER Proactive Recovery, for you to enjoy a chilled bottle during and after your next workout or celebration to help your body detox, recover and perform.

In developing this formula, we created a new category of beverage, the Proactive Recovery Drink.

RESQWATER Proactive Recovery is an enhanced recovery drink made from premium ingredients to help flush toxins from the body allowing for ultimate exercise and celebration recovery.

Our Story

RESQWATER was born in the desert town of Scottsdale, Arizona.  Steve, a work-hard, play-hard businessman, awoke early one morning dreading the day ahead, hit the gym, then headed for a business presentation after a night of celebration… How is it possible, he wondered, that we can put a man on the moon but we can’t avoid the after-effects of celebrating or being sore following workouts?  Steve decided on the spot that he would set out to solve this problem.

Steve interviewed some of the world’s foremost experts, doctors and medical professionals to understand the causes of the ill-effects of alcohol as well as muscle soreness and the remedies used by medical professionals.  The experts agreed that a core group of substances can help the body combat these negative effects, but no one had found a way to put those ingredients into a palatable drink.



Armed with this knowledge, Steve brought on founding partner, David, to start RESQWATER.  The duo enlisted a chemist and spent two years working on a formula before they found the magic combination that included some of the most powerful muscle soreness and celebration recovery ingredients in the world.  RESQWATER Proactive Recovery was born!

In 2012, David recruited Troy, a respected brand visionary from Target Corporation.  He spent the next 18 months refining the formula, packaging and brand, then re-launching the product.  The new face of RESQWATER immediately attracted taste-makers and talent.  Jim, a Red Bull marketing veteran, left his lucrative consulting job and risked it all to bring more than 20 years of beverage marketing experience to the party.  Tom, a 15-year Southern Wine and Spirits veteran, was recruited to lend his expertise and build a sales force.

Present Day

Today, the RESQWATER team spans the United States and includes veterans of beverage, media and sports worlds, all of whom are driven to ensure millions of people will be more productive following their next workout or celebration.

Enjoy a chilled bottle of RESQWATER during and after your next workout or celebration to help your body detox, recover and perform.

what the people have to say

Whether it’s for working out, leisure or recovery, RESQWATER is my go-to drink for my busy life. 

Shane S.

I like the taste of it and it helps with recovery

Matt Skura, Center for the Baltimore Ravens

I think it saved me at my brother’s wedding” (and) “I’ve tried a few after hard workouts and I wasn’t sore the next day. 

Ryan T.

As a leader in Sport Performance Training, we at XPE Sports are constantly working to provide our athletes with an edge.  We have utilized RESQWATER with our athletes when they may need additional boost of energy or assist in the recovery process.  

Bill W. XPE Sports

“Seemed like it worked well as a pre-hydrator or post hydrator for short workouts”

Jake B.

Your product allows us to keep hydrated whether we are in the tropics, a long weekend wine tasting or out playing golf.  We always take a few bottles with us even when we are traveling on business trips… 

Sherry D.