Milk Thistle and Celebration Recovery

The last thing you want to worry about while celebrating is the recovery – a.k.a. the hangover. With RESQWATER, you can rest easy knowing that premium ingredients work together to help the body flush toxins which may aid in benefiting proper liver function to help you feel better after celebrating.


One of RESQWATER’s healthful ingredients is milk thistle, which contains silymarin. This active ingredient is an antioxidant that helps combat the free-radicals produced during celebration recovery. Thus, drinking a beverage that contains milk thistle after drinking alcohol may protect your liver from damage caused by excessive alcohol consumption.


Another benefit to drinking RESQWATER is that milk thistle helps prevent inflammation and can reduce swelling.


Does milk thistle help hangovers? Milk thistle hangover reviews have been positive. The herbal supplement has a long history of usage in an effort to protect the liver.


Milk thistle, along with N-Acetyl Cysteine (NAC), prickly pear extract, B vitamins, vitamin C, electrolytes, sucrose and water, might just be the relief you’ve been looking for during celebration recovery.


Enjoy chilled RESQWATER before or during, and another after, your next intense workout or celebration to help replenish nutrients and flush toxins.