After-Celebration Hangover Remedies

Presumed celebration remedies come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. There are natural, home, ingested, non-ingested, alcohol, non-alcohol and mystical remedies that all seek the same outcome – to just feel better during celebration recovery. According to The New Yorker ‘A Few Too Many’ author Joan Acocella, who consulted with her worldwide network of experts on the subject, the number one home remedy for a hangover is ‘hair of the dog,’ whether a Bloody Mary or more of what you were drinking the previous night.

The Polish drink pickle juice, British consume a full English breakfast and Australians drink green ant tea in an attempt to banish the burn. To combat a difficult celebration recovery, you might consider a local remedy. Acocella suggests these fall into three categories:

Before and while drinking: eat proteins and fatty foods (U.S.), drink a glass of milk, eat peanut butter (Africa), drink one glass of water to every drink (global)

Before bed: drink water, take vitamin B and C, drink a bowl of water with honey (Korea), sleep with one foot on the floor (Netherlands)

The next morning: eat a greasy meal (England), eat spicy foods (Mexico), shoot a prairie oyster (U.S.), slurp a milkshake, drink strong tea (Asia), drink strong coffee with lemon (Italy), drink strong coffee with salt (France),eat pickled herring (German), eat pickled plums (Japan), try cactus remedies (U.S.), eat cumin seeds (Morocco), drink pickle brine (Russia), eat mondongo soup (Puerto Rico)

While many of these local home remedies for drinking too much alcohol may have therapeutic properties, it’s not known for sure if they actually help or if it’s simply an illusion or overcompensation of the body.

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